5 Seemingly Innocent Items Your Movers Can’t Pack

Cleaning Supplies

Okay, so you probably know that the movers are not going to be cool with loading up your leftover firework stash from last 4th of July.  But did you know that your bottle of nail polish remover could be just as dangerous?  In this article we answer the question “What will movers not move?”

What Will Movers Not Move?

We recently came across this article describing the often disastrous consequences that can occur when people fail to ask the question, “What will movers not move?”  They don’t realize what is and what is not safe for the moving truck. Here is a portion of that article.

Some of the worst damage I have seen was caused by a fire extinguisher. The driver loaded it for the customer without giving it much thought because it was, after all, a fire extinguisher. Somehow the pin vibrated out or it shifted in the load and it emptied itself: everywhere.

Here is a rundown of some common household items you might not realize can’t be transported by the movers.

Nail Polish Remover

You might think of nail polish remover as just a beauty product, but it can actually be very dangerous in certain situations. This is because in order to get all that nail polish off your fingers, acetone is added, which is an extremely flammable chemical. Be sure to check you (or your wife’s) makeup box to ensure that none is getting put in the truck.


Plants are very fragile, and one shifting box can mean the difference between a plant that survives the journey and one that is crushed. Also, plants can also carry bugs that can spread around the truck and damage your belongings. We highly recommend taking any plants with you in the car. Atlas Van Lines has a great tutorial on the proper way to pack plants.

Liquid Cleaning Supplies

“What’s wrong with my Lysol and Clorox?”, you may ask. Plenty, it turns out. Moving cleaning supplies can be problematic because they often leak during transport. The changing altitudes and temperatures during the move cause the containers to expand and contract, often leading to cracks and leaks. This can result in spills on your belongings.

Opened Food Products

Let’s say you just opened a new box of Cheerios two days before the move and now you want to pack it. Well, you are going to need to find a place for that in your car, because opened food products are a big no-no for the moving truck. Perishable food items can spoil in transit, not to mention attract bugs that may infiltrate and damage your other items. Besides, those Cheerios will make a good snack for the road anyway!

Empty Propane Cans

Even if a propane can is empty and has been cleaned, residue can still remain, leaving the possibility for an explosion. Play it safe and dispose of your cans before the move, or take them in your personal vehicle.

If you are looking for movers, we invite you to fill out our quote request to get a free, no-pressure estimate on your furniture move. During our conversation, we’ll go over your moving requirements, thoroughly go over all the costs, and arrange an arrival time convenient for you.  We’ll even make sure we answer the question, “What will movers not move?”

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